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Balance Training


Balance training is focused on improving the deficient components of balance and may also be used to enhance physical performance.  Altered balance may be caused by damage to the neurological system, injured joints, surgery, injury to soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Most daily activities require a fairly high level of balance and most sporting activities demand a high level of balance.  Altered balance would therefore dramatically decrease one's functional level. 

Decreased balance is also a major risk factor for falling which may lead to further injury and therefore a further decrease in an individuals level of activity.

A physical therapist is trained to evaluate a patients level of balance and may recommend an appropriate assistive device to provide stability and allow the individual to function at a higher level.

Balance training is designed to challenge the systems involved and to improve the patient's balance ability.  This is performed in the clinic on specialized equipment as well as with a home program designed incorporating specific balance activities.


Balance Training

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