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"It’s a difficult thing to be in pain, recovering or incapacitated.  In seeking proper rehabilitation, patients like me, a former competitive athlete who has had quite extensive injuries and numerous surgeries, usually search for a PT with an expansive knowledge base paired with a huge depth of practical experience.  Kevin Linde has proven to me to be a remarkable professional who is adaptable, innovative and focused in the individualized approach he tailors for recovery.  He has a sophisticated clarity which transcends beyond his significant experience and functions intuitively as he seems to know where you're hurting, why it’s hurting and what to do help “fix” it.

What I look for in a physical therapist is competence, quality, and compassion.  Kevin Linde has all of these qualities and has provided me physical therapy for over six months helping me through some significant rehabilitative challenges.  His upbeat, positive focus and tone creates an atmosphere where “healing” occurs through customized programs of exercises and his “hands on” approach to interactive physical therapy.  Without any qualms, I would categorize him as the top physical therapist I’ve encountered in my life.  Linde Physical Therapy has helped facilitate me through my own rehabilitation working through pain and strength issues. Recovery is best when you have a therapist like Kevin Linde who takes a personalized approach rather than a standard “cookie cutter” PT routine.  I highly recommend Linde Physical Therapy."


"Kevin Linde, P.T. has been my Physical Therapist for more than three years.

At 69 years old, he has kept me “mobile” following lumbar fusion (L1-L5) and before and following my cervical fusion of C3-C7 two years ago.

In addition, over the last year my wife has also been seeing Kevin for help with balance issues coupled with heal spurs. She also offers her strong endorsement and recommendation.

 Over a period 3 years, I have seen him work with a wide range of patients from teens to those older than myself, in a very personalized yet professional way that is tailored not only to the patient’s specific physical injury or need, but also to each individual patients “personal style”. "
D. and D.B.


"How lucky I am to have found the professional expertise of Kevin Linde, P.T. It is rare to find anyone who will give you one hour of time that is totally dedicated to you medical condition. I have a complex medical condition with nerve damage and myofascial pain resulting from a blood clot in my arm. With the use of a number of specialized techniques, Kevin was able to relieve my pain and return my arm to a normal functional level. I am now performing a regular exercise routine that I have been unable to do for almost 2 years. I am able to perform most activities of daily living and I am pain free at this time. This would not be possible without the help of Kevin Linde. Why whole family is so appreciative that I can finally be a more active part of their lives."


"Kevin Linde is an outstanding physical therapist. His knowledge of the human body,  patience, firmness and confidence have been valuable in helping me deal with neurological and physical challenges. I would not have progressed as much as I have without him."

 J. M. W



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